Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jean Wallace

"Franchot Tone is the most exciting, handsome, lovable, exasperating, beguiling, and challenging
man in my world." ~ Jean

Jean Wallace was born Jean Walasek on October 12, 1923 in Chicago, Illinois. She started modeling when she was a teenager and worked as an Earl Carroll showgirl. Jean made her film debut in the 1941 musical Ziegfeld Girl. She had reportedly lied about her age to get the part. When she was just eighteen years old Jean married actor Franchot Tone who was twice her age. She was offered a five year contract with Fox where she given small roles in movies like When My Baby Smiles At Me and It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog. Jean and Franchot had two sons together - Pascal and Thomas. The couple had a difficult marriage and separated several times. After they divorced in 1948 Jean had romances with Howard Hughes and gangster Johnny Stompanato.

 With Franchot Tone

She continued to make movies but her personal life created more headlines than her career. In 1949 Jean was arrested for drunk driving and she attempted suicide by stabbing herself with a butcher knife. Her second marriage, to Army Sergeant Jim Lloyd Randall, lasted only five months. She seemed to finally find happiness when she married actor Cornel Wilde in 1951. Jean and Cornel worked together in several films including The Devil's Hairpin and Sword Of Lancelot. Their son, Cornel Wallace, was born in 1967. Jean retired from making movies to be a full-time mother. Sadly her thirty year marriage to Cornel came to an end in 1981. She spent the next decade living in Beverly Hills with her beloved pets. Jean died on February 14, 1990 after suffering a gastrointestinal hemorrhage. She is buried at Hollywood Forever cemetery in Hollywood, California.

~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2015

With Cornel Wilde

With Cornel Wilde

Jean with Carole Landis and her husband Horace Schmidlapp

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Smell Like Your Favorite Actress

Have you ever wondered what perfume your favorite classic actress wore?
Here are some of their signature scents ...

Jean Harlow loved wearing Mitsouko by Guerlain (this is my favorite perfume too)

 Lucille Ball used White Shoulders perfume and bath powder 

 Lana Turner ordered her favorite scent Tuberose by Mary Chess by the case

Marilyn Monroe once said she wore Chanel No. 5 to bed

Joan Crawford's favorite perfume was Youth Dew by Estee Lauder

Ava Gardner and Dorothy Dandridge both wore Tabu by Dana

 Bette Davis would only wear Le De by Givenchy

Vivien Leigh always carried a bottle of Joy by Jean Patou with her

Jayne Mansfield liked the scent of My Sin

 Rita Hayworth collected perfumes - one of her favorites was Arpege by Lanvin

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mary Nolan

"I've had a beautiful life, I've tumbled into the most beautiful life in the world. I'd never change it." ~ Mary

Mary Nolan was born Mary Imogene Robertson on December 18, 1905 in Louisville, Kentucky. When she was a child her mother died from cancer and Mary's father placed her in a foster home. Eventually she moved to New York City and began working as a nude model. Producer Florenz Ziegfeld discovered her and gave her a featured role in the Ziegfeld Follies. Using the stage named Bubbles Wilson she quickly became the Follies most popular dancer. Mary had a tumultuous romance with actor Frank Tinney who was married. In 1924 Frank beat Mary so badly that she had him arrested. The case caused a huge scandal and Mary was fired from the Ziegfeld Follies. She moved to Germany and began making movies under the name Imogene Robertson. Mary returned to the United states in 1927 and signed a contract with Universal. She costarred with Lon Chaney in West Of Zanzibar and with John Gilbert in Desert Nights. Her performances got great reviews and she became one of Hollywood's most sought after starlets. In 1929 she was given the lead role in the drama Shanghai Lady. She was now earning $3000 a week. Mary started having an affair with married studio executive Eddie Mannix.

When she became pregnant he forced her to have an abortion. Eddie was very abusive and one of his beatings put her in the hospital for several months. While Mary was recovering she became addicted to morphine. In 1930 she was fired from the movie What Men Want after getting into a fight with the director. She made healines again when she sued her ex-lover Eddie Mannix for pain and suffering. The bad publicity destroyed her career and she could only get parts in low budget films. She married stock broker Wallace T. McCreary in 1931 but they separated one year later. Her final acting role was in the 1933 mystery File 113. She moved to New York City and made a living singing in nightclubs. Mary was arrested several times and she was jailed in 1937 for failing to pay her bills. After overdosing on sedatives she spent a year in a psychiatric hospital. In early 1948 she was hospitalized for malnutrition. Mary was found dead in her Hollywood apartment on October 31, 1948. Next to her body was a child's poem and a handwritten note that said "If this were only true". She had died from a secanol overdose at the young age of forty-two. The police said her death was either a suicide or an accident. She is buried at Hollywood Forever cemetery in Hollywood, California.

~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2015

Mary in 1937

Actresses Who Committed Suicide

These ten classic actresses were rich and famous but they never found real happiness. Tragically they all committed suicide.

In 1948 pin-up girl Carole Landis took her own life at age 29 with an overdose of secanol. She 
was heartbroken over a failed romance with actor Rex Harrison.

In 1951 Mack Sennett bathing beauty Marion Aye died after swallowing poison at the age of 48.
She had been suffering from depression for many years.

In 1969 lovely starlet Barbara Bates killed herself at the age of 43 with carbon monoxide 
poisoning. She was mourning the death of her husband the previous year.

In 1960 silent star Phyllis Haver died after taking an overdose of pills at the age of 61. She had 
attempted suicide several times before.

In 1937 bathing beauty Marvel Rea ended her own life at the age of 35 by ingesting an poison. 
She had never recovered from a brutal attack years earlier.

In 1944 Latin bombshell Lupe Velez died by taking overdose of sleeping pills at the age of 36. 
Rumors that she was found dead in the toilet are not true.

 In 1948 model and actress Mary Nolan was found dead at the age of 42 after taking an 
overdose of secanol. She had struggled with drug addiction for many years.

  In 1954 British actress Joan Dowling killed herself with carbon monoxide poisoning at the age
of 26. She was devastated after finding out her husband had an affair.

In 1942 singing star Jeanette Loff ended her life at the age of 35 by swallowing ammonia.
Her family does not believe she committed suicide.

 In 1955 character actress Ona Munson took an overdose of barbiturates at age of 51.
She had been suffering from numerous health problems.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Betty Grable's Jacket From When My Baby Smiles At Me

In 2013 I purchased a jacket Betty Grable wore in the film When My Baby Smiles At Me. I bought it from actress Debbie Reynolds. The jacket was designed by Rene Hubert. When My Baby Smiles At Me was released on December 10, 1948. It was Fox's highest grossing film of the year. Betty plays the wife of Dan Dailey, an alcoholic vaudeville star.

Betty wore the jacket on the cover of Movie Story in 1949

Betty wearing the jacked on the cover of Films and Filming from 1971

A scene from the movie

Here is a clip of Betty wearing the jacket ...