Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lesbian & Bi-Sexual Classic Actresses

There are many classic actresses who were gay or bi-sexual. Some of these ladies married men and all of them had to keep their sexuality a secret.

Patsy Kelly was a lesbian. She had many girlfriends and enjoyed a long relationship with Tallulah Bankhead.

Barbara Stanwyck was bi-sexual. She was married to actor Robert Taylor for years and also had several female lovers.

 Joan Crawford was bi-sexual. She had four husbands and many love affairs with women.
Lizabeth Scott was a lesbian. She dated women during the 1950s and her career was ruined when a tabloid exposed her secret.

Marie Dressler was a lesbian. She married a man but she was romantically involved with stage actress Claire DuBrey for many years.

 Lilyan Tashman was a lesbian and her husband Edmund Lowe was gay. One of her many lovers was Greta Garbo.

 Marilyn Monroe was bi-sexual. Most of her lovers were men but she also had an affair with her female acting coach.

Kay Francis was bi-sexual. She was married five times and had numerous romances with women.
 Janet Gaynor was bi-sexual and so was her husband Gilbert Adrian. She had a long term relationship with actress Mary Martin.

 Carole Landis was bi-sexual. She usually dated men but author Jacqueline Susann was also one of her lovers.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Mildred June (Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty)

 "All you have to do is put on a cute little bathing suit and skip along a beach until Mr. Turpin or some one sees you and starts to chase you, then you fall down and that's all there is to it." ~ Mildred

Mildred June was born on December 23, 1903, in St Louis, Missouri. When she was a child her family moved to Kansas and eventually settled in California. She attended Hollywood high school and took dancing lessons. At the age of fifteen Mildred was discovered by producer Mack Sennett. She became one his bathing beauties and worked as an extra in his films. Mildred appeared in dozens of short films including Dog Shy with Charley Chase and Hook and Ladder with Hoot Gibson. She also starred in a series of two reel comedies with Billy Bevan. Although she enjoyed making comedies she dreamed of becoming a dramatic actress. Mildred married Herbert Edward Capps, a twenty-five year old dentist, in 1922. The following year she was given the lead in the drama The Greatest Menace.

She was signed by Universal studios but her career never took off. Mildred returned to Mack Sennett's studio and appeared in the 1927 comedy Crazy To Act. She divorced her husband and had a brief romance with with real estate executive Jimmy Houston. Unfortunately by 1928 she was unemployed and battling a serious alcohol problem. Mildred married her second husband, Bud Sheehan, in 1930. Sadly he passed away a few years later. In 1936 she had a bit part in the Laurel and Hardy film Our Relations. It would her last acting role. On June 19, 1940 Mildred passed away from cirrhosis of the liver caused by her alcoholism. She was only thirty-six years old. Mildred was cremated and her ashes were buried at Hollywood Forever cemetery in Hollywood, California.

~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2015

 With Billy Bevan

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Clara Bow's Nude Photos

Clara Bow became known as Hollywood's "It" Girl. When she was a young starlet she posed for some nude pictures.

Clara also appeared topless in the film Wings

Clara's lover Bela Lugosi kept this nude portrait of her in his office

Monday, January 19, 2015

Elsie Tarron (Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty)

Elsie Tarron was born Elsie Maud Hamilton on September 30, 1903, in London, England. She was a beautiful teenager who loved to dance and dreamed of becoming an actress. Eventually she moved to Hollywood and started entering beauty contests. When she was nineteen Elsie was chosen to be one of Mack Sennett's bathing beauties. She posed for countless cheesecake photos along with other starlets including Thelma Hill and Cecille Evans. The girls became close friends and formed a club called "The Little Dippers". Elsie was chosen to be their President. In 1923 she began working as an extra in Mack Sennett's comedies. Over the next two years she appeared in more than a dozen short films. She even appeared on the cover of The National Police Gazette twice. Her parts gradually started getting bigger and she was given featured roles in The Lost Soul and High And Dizzy. She signed a contract with F.B.O. studios and starred in the 1927 western Cyclone On The Range. Unfortunately her success didn't last long and by 1929 she was back to playing bit parts. In her last movie, A Close Shave, she appeared briefly as a massage customer.

She decided to retire and married actor Andy Clyde on September 23, 1932. They had worked together in many films including The Lion's Whiskers and A Taxi Scandal. The couple bought a large mansion nicknamed "Clyde Manor" where they grew their own strawberries. Elsie enjoyed being a housewife and spent a lot of time playing golf with her husband. In 1935 they had a son named John Allan Clyde. Tragically John died when he was just nine years old. Elsie and Andy remained together until his death on May 18, 1967. A few months later she married  73 year old actor George "Sloppy" Gray. She had worked with him at the Sennett studios and he had been one of her husbands closest friends. Sadly George passed away just four weeks after their wedding. Elsie continued to live quietly in Los Angeles where she shared an apartment with Ruth Hiatt, another Sennett bathing beauty. She passed away from natural causes on October 24, 1990 at the age of eighty-seven.
~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2015
 Elsie with her husband Andy Clyde
 Elsie and Thelma Hill

 Elsie in 1948
Elsie and Thelma Hill

Elsie, Margaret Cloud, and Cecille Evans

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Florence Lawrence (The First Movie Star)

"I used to sit in my dressing room at the studio and wonder just how much longer could I keep making believe." ~ Florence

Florence Annie Bridgwood was born on January 2, 1890 in Ontario, Canada. Her mother, Lotta Lawrence, was a vaudeville actress and Florence made her stage debut at the age of three. After her father died in 1898 the family moved to New York. Florence would make her first film, The Automobile Thieves, in 1906. Over the next two years she acted in more than thirty silent shorts. Producer D.W. Griffith offered her a contract at Biograph studios. She starred in a series of popular comedies and audiences fell in love with her. At the time she was known simply as "The Biograph Girl". In 1908 she married thirty-six year old actor Harry Solter. When Florence moved to Carl Laemmle's studios she became the first actress to have her name listed in the movie's credits. She was featured on the cover of fan magazines and made personal appearances across the country. Most film historians consider her to be the first real movie star. During her career she would make nearly three hundred films. Sadly many of her these silent films are now lost. By 1912 Florence was earning $500 a week and she bought a sprawling estate in New Jersey. She spent her free time gardening and adopted a cat named Buggs.

During the filming of Pawns Of Destiny in 1915 the set caught on fire and Florence was badly injured. It took her months to recover and her career suffered. She tried to keep acting but now all she could get were bit parts. In 1920 her husband died of a stroke. The following year she married an automobile salesman named Charles Byrne Woodring. The couple opened a cosmetics store where they sold theatrical make-up. When the stock market crashed in 1929 Florence lost most of her fortune. She divorced her husband and was forced to close her store. In 1933 she married her third husband Henry Bolton. She left him five months later after he beat her. Florence made another attempt at a comeback in 1936 when she signed a contract with MGM. She was given a small part in the comedy One Rainy Afternoon. It would be her last film role. Florence began suffering from anemia and severe depression. On December 28, 1938 she took her own life by swallowing ant paste. She was just forty-eight years old. In her suicide note Florence wrote "I am tired. Hope this works. Good bye". She was buried in an unmarked grave at Hollywood Forever cemetery. In 1991 Roddy McDowell paid for her to have a headstone with the inscription "The First Movie Star".

~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2015


Florence (left) and Mack Sennett in A Wreath In Time

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Paulette Goddard's Dress From Hazard

In 2014 I purchased a dress Paulette Goddard wore in the film Hazard. The dress was sold at 
Juliens Spring Entertainment auction. It was designed by Bernard Newman.

Hazard was released on May 28, 1948. Paulette plays a compulsive gambler who 
loses a big bet. Her leading man was Macdonald Carey.

Here is a clip of Paulette wearing the dress ...